Company Use - More Information

Let’s Create Your Company

So you now know what TickedIt is and how it can help you organise your activities in one easy to manage location, now is the time to get you managing your resources online and start taking bookings!

The first step is to set up your company.

Click on 'Companies' link at the top of the page, and select 'Overview'.

Company Menu

It will open the company page where you can see the list of companies assigned to you. Of course, most people will just have one company, but there is an option to have more!

Company List

The 'New Company' button will take you to the company creation page, allowing you to provide a little more information about your company. You need to ensure your company is 'public' if it will be available to take bookings.

Create Company

On the first stage you enter all the basic details about your company: Name, Description, Logo, Category, and Privacy settings. Once this information has been entered click 'Next' to proceed.

Create Company

On the second stage you can specify an address to associate with your company, this will be helpful for customers to get the most easily accessible services.

Once you have created your company, you will have a list of additional tasks you need to complete before you can take bookings, these will be described in the rest of this guide.

Company List

How to Create a Resource Type

The first step in the process is to create resource types that can then be assigned to 'booking types' and 'company resources'. Think of a resource type as a competence of your employees (or other resources). For example, with a gym a resource type might be a 'personal trainer', 'inductor' or 'sports therapist'.

From the company page, click 'Resource Types' in the sidebar. A list of all existing resource types will be displayed.

Resource Types

Clicking 'New Resource Type' in the top left of the sidebar will allow you to create a new resource type for your company.

Create Resource Types

How to Create a Booking Type

Next up, you will need to create the booking types that customers will actually be able to book!

From the company page, click 'Booking Types' In the sidebar on your company's page. A list of all existing booking types will be displayed.

Booking Types

Clicking 'New Booking Type' in the top left of the sidebar will allow you to create a new booking type for your company.

Create Booking Types

Like in the company creation form the first step allows you to enter the basic information that describes a booking type: Name, Description, Warning( if needed ), Cost, and the resource type that will be linked with this booking type e.g Personal Trainer for a Personal Training session. Once you've filled this section out click 'Next' to proceed

Create Booking Types

The second and final step is to enter additional information about the time required for the booking: the interval is how much time you want between booking times. It can be less than the actual duration and when a booking is made, the system will work out whether there are any overlaps and remove other available times accordingly.

Secondly, the preparation is how much time you need before the customer arrives, so effectively setup time.

Finally, the clean up is how much time you need after the booking, to prepare for the next appointment.

All the above points are used to calculate when appointments are available based on staff rotas (more on that later). The system will then automatically make appointments available based on this and remove them when bookings are taken (or time is made unavailable).

How to Create Resources

You now need to create resources who will actually be assigned to 'resource types' and deliver appointments to your customers via certain 'booking types'

From the company page, click 'Resources' in the sidebar on your company's page. A list of all existing resources will be displayed.


This will show all the resources you have within your company. Non-Employee Resources are intended to be 'inanimate' objects. Employee resources are people, with staff rotas.

When a employee has linked their own personal diary to your work diary, they will be flagged as 'Linked Employee Resources'. This means, they will receive real time updates on any bookings and can also manage their own diaries and availabilities.

Clicking 'New Resource' will allow you to create a new employee for your company.

The key elements here are the email address (as this is where your employee will synch up their diaries) and also the 'resource type' you want to link them to.

Create Resource

Against each employee, you can view their diary to see what they are working on (bookings or other general work). You can also set up their working hours in a rota (which will relate to the booking times avalable)

Resource Rota

To create a new rota entry, you need to double click on the rota and a popup will appear on screen. There is an option to create recurring events (for example if someone works Monday - Friday, 9-5 in the below example). Don't forget to link the rota to a resource type!

Rota Popup

How to Create a New Client

It is difficult to run a business without clients, so next up we can see how we can store our client lists.

From the company page, click 'Clients' in the sidebar on your company's page. A list of all existing clients will be displayed.

Client List

Clicking 'New Client' in the top right will allow you to create a new client for your company.

New Client

The first step is to enter some basic information about the client (everything apart from the Client Name is optional)

New Client

Finally you have the option to specify an address for the client. When you've filled out the desired information click 'Save' to create the client.

How to Make a Booking

Customers can obviously make bookings with you (if your company is set to public) from the home page, however, you can also book customers appointments for them, if they for example call instead of book online.

To do this, click the 'Action' dropdown against a client and then choose the 'book' option. This will take you to the page allowing you to specify which service is to be booked.

Book - Choose Booking Type

Once you have chosen the booking type, you next need to choose who the booking should be with.

Book - Choose Resource

Once you have chosen the booking type and the resource, you next need to choose the booking time.

Book - Choose Time Book - Choose Time

Finally, you can supply any additional information that you want the resource to see on their booking.

Book - Summary

This process is effectively exactly the same for the client, should they want to come and book online with you themselves in the future.