Personal Use - More Information

Let’s Create Your TickedIt Account

So you now know what TickedIt is and how it can help you organise your own and your families activities in one easy to manage location, now is the time to get you some more information on how it works for you personally and get you started!

The first step is to set up your own personal TickedIt

Click on the 'Create a Diary' Button on the main screen or select ‘View’ from the 'Diary' menu at the top of the page.

It will open the Register page which you create your new account from by entering your email address and a password in the boxes indicated below, please note that the password must include letters, numbers and symbols for security purposes.

Registration Page

Once registered it will take you back to the home screen for you to select what action you wish to perform next.

In the top right corner of the page at all times you will see a profile icon and a log off option


To access your account information click on the profile icon at any time to Manage your account

Manage Account

From here you can change your password or provide more information about yourself

Right so now you have an official TickedIt Account, time to start using it!

From the menu bar across the top select Diaries and then View

Diary Menu

This opens up your very first TickedIt! Initially the diary is called My Diary which you can change at any time which we’ll get to later.

My Diary

You can change your view by clicking on the ‘Month’, ‘Week’ or ‘Day’ buttons across the top depending on what you want to see.

How to Create a New Appointment

Next we can add your very first appointment, all you need to do is double click anywhere on the diary or on the date and time that you wish to add the new appointment and a dialogue box will open for you to add your new appointment

Event Popup

Click in the description to add as much detail about the appointment as you want, here you can include the location, other attendees or any information that you feel you want in there.

The time section then allows you to choose the start and end dates for your appointment, click on the first date text box and a calendar will appear for you to select your start date of your appointment. Next click on the time box and choose the time from the drop down list and repeat this process for the end date and time

Finally select the type of appointment that you want this to be, this will determine who can see this appointment from your shared access which will be explained how to do shortly so don’t worry! You can only tick one of these boxes. Click the ‘Save’ button and your new appointment will be saved into your diary.

You can click ‘Cancel’ at any time to delete the appointment that you are creating or have already created. Don’t worry it will ask you if you are sure before any deletions take effect in case you click it by mistake!

Delete Popup

The appointment can then be accessed and amended at any time by double clicking on the appointment.

Inviting Others to Appointments

Once you have shared your diary with other users (more on that later), you can also invite them to your appointments.

Click the "Is this a Group Event?" checkbox to invite other people to attend. You will then be able to select anyone who has shared their diary with you and invite them to your event.

Invite Users

How to Create an Additional Diary

Creating an additional diary for a family member or yourself on your TickedIt account is simple and easy, you can have as many diaries as you want!

New Diary

All you need to do is click ‘New diary’ in the right hand side of the header, you should then see a form dropdown where you can enter the name for your new diary then click the tick to save.

Manage Your TickedIt

Right, so you are now set up on TickedIt and you want to make some personalisation changes and perhaps start sharing your diary with others.

Start by clicking on Manage from the Diary option across the top bar

This will then open up the Manage Diaries screen shown below

Manage Diaries

From here you can change the name of your diary, determine which one is your primary diary (the first one to open in view), share your diary and delete any diaries that you no longer require.

To change the names of your diary just click in the Name text box of the diary that you wish to amend and over type what you wish your diary to be called, it is entirely up to you! Then click Save to ensure that your changes are activated.

The tick box under primary shows you which you have selected to be your main diary and will always open first in view, to change this click the box that is next to the diary that you wish to be your primary diary.

Now for the ‘Sharing’ option, TickedIt allows you to share your diary with as many other users as you wish to see your various diaries, through a very simple but secure process, all you need is their email address to do it.

Sharing Your Diaries

Start by clicking on the ‘Share’ button and it will open up the screen below on the specific diary that you have chosen to access the share information of with the diary name at the top.

Share Diaries

This page gives you information on all the other users that you have shared your diary with, who you have offered to share your diary with that are yet to accept and gives you the option to share your diary with more users

Who you’ve shared your diary with… shows you all the users that have access to your diary with an option next to their email address to ‘Remove’ their access at any time.

Who you’ve asked to share with… shows you all the users that you have requested to share your diary with. You can amend their access at any point by checking and unchecking the boxes depending upon the types of appointments that you want them to see. Simply click’ Resend’ to resend your share invitation or ‘Delete’ to remove your request.

Resend Request

Share your diary gives you the option to share this diary with any other TickedIt user, simply type in their email and click ‘Send’. They are then sent an email asking them to log into their TickedIt account and confirm the email address that your invitation was sent to and that’s it! They will then be able to select to view your diary from the drop down diary menu on the view page.

Share Email

Shared Diaries

We are almost done on what you need to know about your Ding Dong Diaries, the last part is to tell you about diaries that you have access to, to view these diaries you just select which one you want to view from the Diary View page as you do with your personal diaries as indicated above.

To manage your access to diaries that have been shared with you select Diary then Shared Diaries from the menu across the top.

This then takes you to the Shared Diaries screen where you can view which diaries you have been asked to share, remove any of diaries that you no longer wish to see, view any outstanding diaries you have requested access to and request access to other diaries.

Approved Shares

Shared Diaries shows you all the Ding Dong Diaries that have been shared with you, you can view or delete these by selecting the relevant button

Outstanding Requests

Outstanding Share Requests shows you the diaries that you have asked to have access to, you can delete or resend your requests at any time by clicking on the buttons

Request a Share

Request to Share a Diary is how you can request access to another TickedIt users diary, simply type in their email address and click Request. They will then be sent an email asking to share their diary with you for them to respond.

So that’s it, that’s everything that you need to get the most out of your time using the TickedIt system. We are always happy to help with any queries or concerns that you may have and there are many ways for you to contact us. We have a handy Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ button) which can be accessed at any time from the menu across the top of the screen alternatively you can contact us directly from the contact screen in the same menu (contact button).

All that’s left to say is thank you for choosing TickedIt and welcome to the family!