Make & Receive Bookings

Allow New Customers To Find You

Using our search functionality, not only will you be able to provide better service to your existing customers, but new customers can also find you too.

In the future we will be extending this to allow for searching based on location and availability, so more and more new customers will be able to find you. Another benefit of Ding Dong Diary for you!

Link Directly To Your Website Or Facebook

If you have an existing website or Facebook page, we can provide you a link directly to your personal company booking page. This will allow customers to come straight to you without needing to search our site.

They can even see availability without registering. Of course, we ask them to register before placing a booking, so you have all their information available to you and can contact them before the appointment if you need to.

Book On Behalf Of Your Customers

If you have customers who much prefer the personal touch and either rebook their next appointment while they are with you, or call up to speak to you directly, no problem!

From your company administration page, you can search for an existing client (or create a new one) and take the booking for them, on their behalf. Even better, if you have an email address for them, we’ll drop them a mail as a reminder so they don’t forget their appointment.