Create & Manage Your Company

Create Your Company

Once you’ve created an account, it’s easy to set your business up on Ding Dong Diary. All you need to do is provide us with a few basic details and then let us know whether you want people to search for your company and book appointments with you.

Define Your Resources

We recognise different people in your organisation have different specialties. Let us know what those specialties are so we can manage the availability accordingly. For example, certain staff members may be able to provide aromatherapy services, whilst others focus on reflexology.

Specify Your Services

Tell us what services you provide and who can deliver those services. Let us know as much information as possible. This section and also your company information will be an advertising tool for you too, allowing potential customers to find you as well as existing customers being able to easily rebook.

Add Your Staff

Let us know who works for you.

If you provide us an email address for the individual, they will be invited to Ding Dong Diary as well, so they can synchronise their work and personal diaries all in one place – clever isn’t it?

Also, we realise that some of your business might not be people (rooms, pool cars, etc) so you can add those too.

Store Your Customer Information

Add all your customers, so you can easily find their details anywhere, anytime. It also provides you with an easy way of rebooking appointments if they call you.

Don’t worry if you have a big long list to input, send us an email via with your customers and we will add them all in for you. No bother, it’s all part of the service.