Create & Manage Rotas

View Your Staff Member’s Diaries

Just like with your personal diary, you can view the diary of any of your employees (or other resources). However, if they have associated their personal diary with the staff diary, only appointments they have flagged as associated with your business will be displayed.

Set up Their Rotas

As much as we’d like our staff to work 24/7, unfortunately this isn’t the case. Therefore, you can also set up your staff rotas, which will of course be linked to the availability of those staff to take bookings for the services they provide.

To make it easy, if your rotas are simple (9-5 Monday to Friday for example), you can set up recurring rotas. However, if there are varied shifts, we can cater for that too.

Once you’ve set up the rotas for your staff, the magic within Ding Dong Diary happens and all the appointment options are set up just the way you asked them to be.

Manage Availability Around Other Appointments

By having a diary for your employee, which is linked to their availability, you no longer need to worry about double bookings. As long as you use Ding Dong Diary to control all appointments, whether they have been booked by you, your employee or a customer, the availability will be updated in real time.

Likewise, if your employee has another appointment (such as a staff meeting), once you flag this time as “unavailable for booking”, all the relevant availability slots will be removed. Even better, if they synch their work diary with their home diary, personal appointments will work in exactly the same way!